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Painter, Sculptor, Writer

Baje Whitethorne, Sr.

Baje grew up on the Navajo Reservation near Shonto, Arizona. As a child, he was first drawn into the world of storytelling when he and his brothers would make up stories on the way to their grandmother's house.



Naveek was born at Fort Defiance, Arizona, and raised in the area west of Standing Rock on the Navajo Reservation and in the community of Gallup, New Mexico. His grandfather, Tom A. Lewis, a Navajo medicine man and traditional silversmith, greatly influenced Naveek’s interest in art and taught Naveek his essential skills./p>

Painter, Sculptor

Irving Toddy

Irving Toddy is Bit’aanii (Folded Arms) born for Ta’chii nii naa naash te’zhii (Red Streak Across Fore Head Zuni). His maternal clan is Tódích’íi’nii (Bitter Water), and his paternal clan is Kinlichíi’nii (Red House).


Elizabeth Whitethorne-Benally

I was born as a member of the Reed Clan and born for the Yucca Fruit Strung in a Line Clan in Monument Valley, Utah in 1959 with a given name in Navajo "Tall Woman from Peach Springs."

Painter, Printer

Johnson Yazzie

Johnson Yazzie -"I am emerging into the art world like a butterfly coming out its cocoon. The departure can be a worthwhile adventure like the way nature guides the new butterfly into the unknown world with little or no expectation of rewards but journeys on in the hope of enriching lives wherever it lands."

Woodcarver, Sculptor, Painter

Kevin Horace Quannie

A Hopi/Navajo contemporary artist has been a sculptor/carver of Kachina sculptures since 1980. Kachina doll carving became a serious occupation for him with much of his inspiration from notable Kachina doll carvers as Neil David, Sr., and Lowell Talashoma, Sr.


Beverly Blacksheep

Beverly Blacksheep i s an award winning artist and illustrator. Her artwork is sought by collectors from all over the country and abroad. Her work can be seen in many galleries throughout the Southwest.

Painter, Graphics Designer

Bahe Whitethorne, Jr.

Bahe Whitethorne, Jr., is a Navajo (Diné), and a member of the Blackstreak Wood People clan. Bahe was born and raised in Flagstaff, AZ., where he has been influenced in art by comic books, graphic novels, children’s picture books, and his father, Baje Whitethorne, Sr.

Wood Sculptor

Dan Yazzie, Jr.

Since 1990, Dan has devoted himself totally to his work as an artisan focusing on contemporary Dine' fold art carvings. His work with wood began from another angle. He harvested and prepared cottonwood root for Hopi carvers on the Third Mesa, and soon started to carve and became independent.

Painter, Sculptor

Melvin L. John

Melvin L. John is a Diné artist originally from Rainbow Springs / White Cone, Arizona. Currently, he resides with his wife and children in Tuba City, Arizona. His maternal clan is White Corn / Zuni-Edgewater Clan, born for the Black Streak People Clan.

Painter, Sculptor

David K. John

Raised by his great grandfather, David grew up hearing the stories and teachings of his homeland. In his art, John expresses his own interpretations of his childhood learning with the utmost care and respect. John has won many awards for his paintings and masks, including awards at the Intertribal Ceremonial in Gallup and the Santa Fe Indian Market.


David Lemon

David Lemon, a member of the Gallup New Mexico Indian Artist's Group, "Gathering of the Masters", is a mesmerizing storyteller as well as an inspired scultor.


Edward Charlie

Very gifted young silversmith whose brother is the highly acclaimed jeweler Ric Charlie, Edward is surely going to be a name on many discerning lips. He has absorbed some of his accomplished uncle's liking for tufa-cast jewelry combined with colorful patinas and semiprecious stones.

Painter, Printer

Edward Singer

Ed Singer is a Navajo Artist born and raised on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. His superb draftsmanship and realistic view of Navajo life, a view often laced with subtle humor derived from the contrast of traditional Navajo ways with modern life, place him at the forefront of contemporary art.


Julius Keyonnie

Julius Keyonnie began designing contemporary jewelry in 1990, using many techniques: overlay, engraving, fabrication and lapidary. In addition to working in silver, he recently began working with gold and stones such as lapis, sugilite, opal and coral.


Keith Smith

Keith Smith was born and raised in Tuba City, Arizona, where he continues to live today with his wife and two children. His clans are Honeycomb People (Tséníjíkiní) born for the Salt Clan (Ashiihi).


Keno Zahney

Born and raised in Tuba City, AZ. I grew up with my parents and spent alot of time with my Grandparents on weekends and during the summer, I watched and listened to my Grandparents tell stories. Memories of those times is what influences my art, the Hogans and the Coffee. My father was a mechanic, also watched him fix vehicles. He did some woodcarving and painted his work with acrylic paint.


Laughing Family

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Sculptor, Painter

Oreland C. Joe

Oreland is world-renowned for his work in stone and bronze sculptures. His works can be found in private, corporate, and museum collections in the United States and abroad. Oreland was born in Shiprock, New Mexico on June 3, 1958. He is a native of New Mexico and is of Dine' (Navajo) and Ute decent.


Rueben Richards

An award winner on numerous occasions, Richards was chosen to receive a Gold Medal from the National Museum of American Art's Educational Outreach Program. In 1994 he was awarded First Place at the Eight Northern Pueblos Art Show in painting.


Tim Washburn

Tim Washburn, Born of the Salt and Mexican Clan. Considers himself a quiet and humble sculptor. He sculpts the tradtional Navajo people as we were then and now with beauty, pride and dignity.The facial detail on the subject are critial. He loves to sculpt warriors,because his wife loves warriors, because of thier leadership, pride and strength. Mothers, children and grandparents are favorites too.

Additional Artist
Painter, Printer
Bobby Emerson-Kitsman
Sculptor, Painter
Charlie Pratt
Cristoff Keyonnie
Gary D. Yazzie
Painter, Printer
Jenike Emerson-Kitsman
Painter, Printer
Joseph Emerson-Kitsman
Jerrel Singer
Performer, Speaker
Kelvin Long
Painter, Tattoo Artist
Landis Bahe
Lionel Bahe
Potter, Sculptor
Lawrence Namoki
Myron Panteah
Patrick Scott
Jeweler, Painter
Richard Charlie
Vernon Haskie
Gabrial Yaiva