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Bahe Whitethorne, Jr

Bahe Whitethorne, Jr., is a Navajo (Diné), and a member of the Blackstreak Wood People clan. Bahe was born and raised in Flagstaff, AZ., where he has been influenced in art by comic books, graphic novels, children’s picture books, and a big inspiration from his father, Baje Whitethorne, Sr., a renowned Navajo artist.

In 1996, Bahe began an interest in computers and has been working in Computer Graphics for several years. He took his interest to a more professional level and began work with an independent publishing company. In 2002, he started working for Salina Bookshelf, Inc. and during that time, he has helped developed Navajo language brochures, catalogs, posters and calendars, but mainly Navajo language children's picture books. With a sparked ambition from Northland Press, a local southwest publishing company, Bahe, as a kid, with his father, used to hang out with the staff as they would oversee the printing of several children’s picture books that were written and illustrated by Baje Whitethorne, Sr. Bahe continues printing with the same spirit to each new book.

As technology progressed Bahe became interested in more complex digital graphics, digital film, digital 3D animation, and digital 3D special effects. His new inspirations as a Digital Visual/Art Director is, Ryan Church, Concept Design Supervisor for “Stars Wars Ep.II and Ep.III,” Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller’s “Sin City,” and Zack Snyder/Frank Miller’s “300.” And with newer technologies Bahe is able to create stunning digital artwork with simulated media software and a digital pen tablet. This new form of digital tool is currently being embraced by Hollywood Films, Video Games, and Animation, as part of the Pre-production, and Post-prodoction of development.

With Salina Bookshelf, Inc., an Award-Winning Publishing Company, Bahe works on developing new manuscripts into visual elements for picture books, series books, animations, and, until recently, films. In 2008, Bahe has just begun his career in painting. Studying, watercolor and acrylics, under his father he currently lives in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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Navajo Show 2010, Museum of Northern Arizona