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Tuuvi Artwalk | Tuba City, AZ 2010
Tuuvi Artwalk Coin-Toss Raffle!

During the 42nd To'Nanees'Dine Fair in Tuba City, AZ. Art of the People hosted an Tuuvi Artwalk at the new Moenkopi Legacy Inn & Suites. Here we have raffle ticket holders all in line to have a go at a group coin toss of "heads or tails" as a chance to win and original mixed media painting. The painting was a collaberation of artist during the show.

Arizona Highways TV | Shonto Arizona Community of Artist 2011
Arizona Highways Television, Navajo Artist

Arizona Highway's Host Robin Sewell made a broadcast out in Navajo Country and showcased the small Artistic community of Shonto, Arizona.

Twin Arrows Casino Project | Art of the People Productions 2013

Official Art of the People Promo Video from CFproductions.us on Vimeo.

Official Art of the People Promo Video

  • This video premiered on May 22, 2013 to a crowd of 400+ attendees at the Twin Arrows Grand Opening VIP event.
  • This is the "Official Art of the People Promotional Video" explaining the group's mission statement, as well as, previewing the 2013 Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort Murals Project in which AOTP completed 10 murals in 10 days.

Media Day May 18 2013

On Saturday May 18, 2013 Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort held a media day for reporters throughout the State of Arizona to gather & visit the newest addition of Navajo Casinos. In conjunction with this event, media representatives were encouraged to draw & paint with members from Art of the People. This video is a time-lapse showcasing the creation of a 7-hour masterpiece. Enjoy!