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Keno Zahney

Born and raised in Tuba City, AZ. I grew up with my parents and spent alot of time with my Grandparents on weekends and during the summer, I watched and listened to my Grandparents tell stories. Memories of those times is what influences my art, the Hogans and the Coffee. My father was a mechanic, also watched him fix vehicles. He did some woodcarving and painted his work with acrylic paint.

Currently I'm living in Shiprock, NM with my wife and two sons. I get a lot of support and encouragement from them.

My mediums are acrylics and graphite portraits right now, but I'm interested in working with oil and charcoal in the near future. I enjoy the contemporary Navajo style, it gives me a broad range of paintings I have in mind.

My inspiration is my Family, my childhood memories, experiences and working with and learning from fellow Navajo Artists.

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