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Kevin Horace Quannie

Kevin Horace Quannie, a Hopi/Navajo contemporary artist has been a sculptor/carver of Kachina sculptures since 1980. Kachina doll carving became a serious occupation for him with much of his inspiration from notable Kachina doll carvers as Neil David, Sr., and Lowell Talashoma, Sr.

He is sedulous in furthering his aspirations as a contemporary artist in wood sculptures using traditional cottonwood roots. Since 1992, he has expressed himself in another medium--jewelry, implementing the contemporary look and symbolism from his Kachina sculptures. Being innovative he soon modified some of his Kachina sculptures into bronze. Feathers hand carved one by one now glistened in gold and amber in his bronze pieces, capturing all the beauty and textures of the natural grains from the original wood sculptures.

Kevin was the recipient of the Enriques Family Fellowship Award from the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts (SWAIA) in 1995. This fellowship enabled him to express himself in yet another art medium-mono printing. Coming from a long family lineage of family artists, Kevin has been inspired by the art of notably his grandfather, Emerson A. Horace, Sr., and his brother, (also grandfathers in Hopi), Lorenzo and Merrill H. Quannie, his father Emerson Horace, Jr., and uncle Merrill F. Quannie, Jr. Kevin is the great grandson of Horace Quannie and Great great great grandson of Chief Lololma of Old Oraibi. Being awarded the SWAIA Fellowship has enabled him to explore his painter's expectations.

Some of Kevin's most frequent creations are of the Butterfly and Shalako Boy and Girl. Both are very important to the Hopi people. The Butterfly, one of the family clans in Hopi symbolize pollination of the young corn, which is so important in Hopi society. The Shalakos or Cloud People represent rain and moisture for a good harvest.

Kevin sincerely believes that his choice to be an artist was a ethereal choice in expressing his inner feeling s through his art. What makes him happy as an artisan is that his creations, whether it is a sculptured Kachina, a gold or silver jewelry, or a painting--will make those possess his art proud as well.

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