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Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort
AOTP Murals Project 2013

Official Promotional Trailer | AOPT Documentary Film

Official Art of the People Promo Video from CFproductions.us on Vimeo.

  • This video premiered on May 22, 2013 to a crowd of 400+ attendees at the Twin Arrows Grand Opening VIP event.
  • This is the "Official Art of the People Promotional Video" explaining the group's mission statement, as well as, previewing the 2013 Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort Murals Project in which AOTP completed 10 murals in 10 days.

"Na’toh’ dine’ Tachinii,’ their stories are rare and genuine; these are a few of their stories we (Art of the People) envisioned about the events the Diyin Dine’ (Holy People) created for the people of this world (White World). In the process of making the murals, we came together and mended these ancient stories piece by piece and successfully recreated a picture of a way life of the Navajo people in form of abstract painting. We spent time composing, discussing and arranging what was a story into a work of art. We relived our childhood days of sitting at home in the hooghan listening to our elders telling the creation stories of the holy people (Diyin Dine’) into the night. This project was important to us. I hope you experienced the Hózhóo’ feelings from these artwork as you view them."

Thank You,

Art of the People, Inc.,

ArtofthePeople.org - Bahe Whitethorne, Bahe Whitethorne, Jr., Johnson Yazzie, Irving Toddy, Oreland Joe, Mark Silversmith, Dan Yazzie, David John, Kevin Quannie, Beverly Blacksheep, Elizabeth Whitethorne-Benally, Billy Whitethorne, Randell Wilson, Tim Washburn, Melvin John, Julius Keyonnie

Twin Arrows Media Day 2013

AOTP One Day Panel Mural

Art of the People & Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort Present: Media Day 2013 from CFproductions.us on Vimeo.

On Saturday May 18, 2013 Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort held a media day for reporters throughout the State of Arizona to gather & visit the newest addition of Navajo Casinos. In conjunction with this event, media representatives were encouraged to draw & paint with members from Art of the People. This video is a time-lapse showcasing the creation of a 7-hour masterpiece. Enjoy!

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